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Share Your Repair!

Show off your skills and inspire others at the same time!  Send images of items you have repaired with PatchNRepair to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a chance to be featured on our website.  We will send you a free patch if selected!

Lawn Mower Deflector Shield

Initial Damage (Underside)  Initial Damage (Topside)  Underside Repair
 Lawn Mower Grass Shoot 1  Lawn Mower Grass Shoot 2  Lawn Mower Grass Shoot 3
 Underside Repair  Topside Repair  Topside Repair
 Lawn Mower Grass Shoot 4  Lawn Mower Grass Shoot 5  Lawn Mower Grass Shoot 6


Camper Door

Broken Handle Cutting Patch to Shape Installing the Patch Replacement Handle
screen door 1 screen door 2 screen door 3 screen door 4

Drain Pipe

Damaged Pipe Prepping the Surgace Installing the Patch Finished Repair
Pipe 1 Pipe 2 Pipe 3 Pipe 4

Steel Wall

Pipe Removal Heating the Patch Installing the Patch Finished Repair
Wall 1 Wall 2 Wall 3 Wall 4

Lawn Tractor Body Panel

Damaged Panel Applying the Patch Finished Repair (Backside) Finished Repair (Front)
JD 1 JD 2 JD 3 JD 4

Trailer Repair

Repaired Trailer Wall
Trailer Repair